GlitchCon 2019

Join Ozark Book Authority at GlitchCon August 2-4 at the Holiday Inn Springdale/Fayetteville!

We will be hosting an assortment of panels throughout the convention, and we'll be hosting two raffles, on Saturday and Sunday, to help support the Rogers Public Library Foundation. Come to our World of Warcraft Trivia event for a chance to win 1 of 3 swag bags full of dragon and faction-themed loot (drawing after the event on Saturday), and come see us in the Vendor Hall for more information about our upcoming events, purchase bookmarks, journals, and swag bags, and enter our mega giveaway (drawing on Sunday)!

You can purchase tickets for GlitchCon here.

OBA GlitchCon 2019 Schedule:

Friday, August 2:

Punks in SFF - Panel Room 3 - 7:00 pm

Rebels, anarchists, pirates, and activists -- punks rule the streets and underbellies of SFF, most notably in Steampunk and Cyberpunk. Join us as we discuss these anti-establishment subgenres and where they might go in the future.

Horror in Cinema as a Reflection of Society - Panel Room 1 - 8:00 pm

What’s your favorite scary movie? Join us as we examine how horror and thriller movies have reflected the anxieties and fears of the broader culture from the 1970s to present day.

Saturday, August 3:

SFF vs. Reality - Panel Room 3 - 11:00 am

SFF literature is a lens in which we contemplate human culture and our dealings in the world -- political, social, scientific, and humanitarian -- engaging our greatest hopes, fears, and expectations of the world around us. Let's discuss how SFF tackles real world issues (or avoids them) to make statements about human nature and potential. Featuring Guest of Honor Richard A. Knaak!

TTRPG Storytelling - Panel Room 2 - 3:00 pm

From world-building to quests to NPCs, how do Dungeon Masters tell their stories when the characters have minds of their own? Join us as we discuss how to create a compelling story within your tabletop roleplaying game. Featuring Guest of Honor Richard A. Knaak!

Beyond Game of Thrones - Panel Room 1 - 4:00 pm

Now that Game of Thrones has ended on HBO, what comes next? Join us as we discuss the television show's impact on popular culture and the fantasy genre at large, and where the genre may go in the future.

World of Warcraft Trivia with Richard A. Knaak - Main Hall - 5:00 pm

Think you're a master of Warcraft lore and trivia? Join us for Warcraft Trivia with Richard A. Knaak! Choose your allegiance -- do you fight for the Alliance, or for the Horde? -- and test your Warcraft knowledge for the chance to win an assortment of related prizes. Darkmoon Faire Tickets will be available for purchase for $1 each to support the Rogers Public Library Foundation and increase your chances of winning a bag of faction-themed loot!

If you are a local author and would like to be involved in one of these panels, we still have a few openings! Please contact us at for more details.