Vendor Room 2019

Original art and fanart. Tote bags, journals, posters, coffee mugs, plushies, and pin back buttons.

Comic writer, illustrator, and graphic designer.

Bookstore selling titles from our Guests of Honor.

Independent comic book creator/cartoonist.

Author of An Unproven Concept, Acts of War, Collisions of the Damned, On Seas so Crimson.

Author of Chaste: Grasp of the Fevered Father, Liefdom, Path of the Monstros Prince, Legends of Perilisc, Mestlven: Wrath of the Jeweled Lady, Legends of the Exiles, the Manhunters trilogy, and The Madness Wars.

Mid-South Writers Group

A group of authors from Cassville, Missouri.

Literacy non-profit and event organizer.

Author of four novels of the Breedline series: Sweet Chaos, Total Chaos, Unleashed Chaos, Sins of Chaos

The Foundation supports the freedom of people to seek, discover and imagine at the Rogers Public Library. We achieve our mission by promoting the Library, providing enriching programs and services, fundraising and endowment management.

Key sponsor for Ozark Book Con 2019.

Author of the Zombie Club Trilogy and Polterguys.

Author of Mother of Time, Before the Wolf Moon, Love Never Dies, Under the Harvest Moon.

Independent book publisher based out of Fort Smith.