Guests & Panelists 2020


K.C. Alexander

K. C. Alexander is the author of Necrotech and Nanoshock—transhumanist sci-fi called “a speed freak rush” by NYT bestseller Richard Kadrey and “slick, sharp and snarky” by NYT bestseller Chuck Wendig She co-wrote Mass Effect: Nexus Uprising with NYT bestseller Jason M. Hough, contributed to Fireside magazine, and launched Uncanny’s successful Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter with a personal essay. Specialties include voice-driven prose, imperfect characters, and an inclination to defy expectations.

She writes all things in all genres because all voices are important to the narrative. Prefers animals to people, and enjoys binge watching anime and science shows; basically, activities that allow her to be a hermit. She champions mental health and combats gendered expectations, often writing and speaking about life between normative lines.

Carlos Hernandez

Carlos Hernandez has published more than thirty works for fiction, poetry, and drama, including Sal and Gabi Break the Universe, and a book of short stories for adults entitled The Assimilated Cuban's Guide to Quantum Santeria. He is an English professor at City University of New York, and he loves to both play games and design them. He lives with his wife, Claire, in Queens, New York.

Follow him on Twitter: @WriteTeachPlay

Alma Katsu

Alma Katsu writes novels that combine history and horror. Her latest are The Deep, a reimagining of the sinking of the Titanic, and The Hunger, a reimagining of the story of the Donner Party with a horror twist. The Hunger made NPR’s list of the 100 Best Horror Stories, was nominated for a Stoker and Locus Award for best horror novel, and recently won Spain’s Kelvin 505 award for Best Novel (translated). It also won the 2018 Western Heritage Award for Best Novel.

Ms. Katsu lives outside of Washington DC with her husband, musician Bruce Katsu. She is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Writing Program and Brandeis University, where she studied with novelist John Irving. She also is an alumni of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.

Prior to publication of her first novel, Ms. Katsu had a long career in intelligence, working for several US agencies and a think tank. Her first spy novel, Red Widow, will be published spring 2021.


John Hornor Jacobs

John Hornor Jacobs is an award-winning author of genre-bending adult and YA fiction. His first novel, Southern Gods, was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Excellence in a First Novel and won the Darrel Award. The Onion AV said of the book, “A sumptuous Southern Gothic thriller steeped in the distinct American mythologies of Cthulhu and the blues . . . Southern Gods beautifully probes the eerie, horror-infested underbelly of the South.”

His second novel, This Dark Earth, Brian Keene described as “quite simply, the best zombie novel I’ve read in years” and was published by Simon & Schuster’s Gallery imprint. Jacobs’s acclaimed series of novels for young adults beginning with The Twelve-Fingered Boy, continuing with The Shibboleth, and ending with The Conformity has been hailed by Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing as “amazing” and “mesmerizing.”

Jacobs’s first fantasy novel, The Incorruptibles, was nominated for the Morningstar and Gemmell Awards in the UK. Pat Rothfuss has said of this book, “One part ancient Rome, two parts wild west, one part Faust. A pinch of Tolkien, of Lovecraft, of Dante. This is strange alchemy, a recipe I’ve never seen before. I wish more books were as fresh and brave as this.”

His recent collection of two short novels, A Lush and Seething Hell, was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award, the World Fantasy Award, and garnered rave reviews.

His fiction has appeared in Playboy Magazine, Cemetery Dance, Apex Magazine and his essays have been featured on CBS Weekly and Huffington Post.

Follow him at @johnhornor on Twitter or visit to learn more.

Nita Gould

An avid student of Ozarks history and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Nita Gould is a preservation enthusiast who successfully nominated several Boone County, Arkansas properties to the National Register of Historic Places, including her own Barham ancestral home.

Her book, Remembering Ella is the true story of the rape, murder, and dismemberment of 18-year-old Ella Barham in the rural Arkansas Ozarks in 1912 and the trial and hanging of Odus Davidson, her convicted killer, in Harrison in 1913. Gould is Ella Barham's cousin and a direct descendant of the Barhams of Boone County, Arkansas.

Gould works in the field of information technology in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she lives with her husband, two cats, and a house full of books, but her passion is frolicking in the hills of the Arkansas Ozarks.

JC Crumpton

Being a cancer survivor and growing up a military brat influenced JC Crumpton in his personal life as well as in his writing. Spending his youthful years in San Diego, Chicago, Iceland, Germany, and rural Arkansas gave him a well-rounded appreciation of adventure and all things undiscovered just around the corner. He attended the University of Arkansas and received his English with a Creative Writing Emphasis degree.

He has books or collections out with Oghma Creative Media and Pro Se Press. His short fiction and poetry has appeared in Aoife's Kiss, Penwood Review, Beyond Centauri, and Saddlebag Dispatches, among others. He lives with his wife in Northwest Arkansas where he is working on his next Lonford Universe novel. His first novel Silence in the Garden is about the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs and is available wherever you purchase books. The first book in his Lonford Universe series will come out next year from Fleet Press.