Event Policies

Ozark Book Authority Event Policies

updated July 23, 2019

These are the governing policies for all Ozark Book Authority events, including, but not limited to Ozark Book Con and any other events hosted by or in conjunction with Ozark Book Authority.

By attending an Ozark Book Authority event, you agree to adhere to these policies and ensure anyone under your responsibility also adheres to these policies.

Attendee Bill of Rights

  1. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the right to enjoy the event without harassment, intimidation, coercion, demeaning interaction, prejudice, or insult.
  2. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the right to be respected and accepted without regard to age, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, body shape, physical ability, education level, costume/clothing choices, or fandom preferences.
  3. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the right to accessible events and accommodation within the scope and ability of the event and facility.
  4. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the right to contact event staff with questions, concerns, problems, and needs, and to have their issues taken seriously.
  5. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the right to set their boundaries and have those boundaries respected. Boundaries can be physical, verbal, intellectual, and emotional boundaries.
  6. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the right to provide feedback to Ozark Book Authority in order to facilitate the ongoing improvement of events.

Attendee List of Responsibilities

  1. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the responsibility to abide by both the letter and the spirit of the Behavior Policy.
  2. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the responsibility to respect others and to facilitate a positive event experience for all.
  3. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the responsibility to maintain and promote a positive reputation for the event.
  4. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the responsibility to step up and help other event attendees who are in distress, suffering harassment, or are otherwise in need of assistance, within the scope of their individual ability to help. This can include contacting event staff in serious situations.
  5. All attendees and guests of Ozark Book Authority events have the responsibility to respect and care for the venue which hosts the event. Without venues, Ozark Book Authority cannot produce events.

Behavior Policy

This is the official Behavior Policy of the Ozark Book Authority and its events.

Ozark Book Authority does not tolerate hate speech, expression of hateful ideologies, harassment (physical or verbal), or other malicious behaviors targeted toward presenters, panelists, volunteers, organizers, staff, servers, or attendees.

Above all else, treat others with respect, regardless of personal, political, or religious beliefs.

Definition of Harassment

Harassment is any form of behavior that is unwelcome, unreciprocated, and unsolicited which makes an unpleasant, humiliating, or intimidating environment for the person who is the target of that behavior. To provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all event attendees and allow for a wide diversity of beliefs, lifestyles, and relationship dynamics, we will adopt and maintain the following behavior protocols.

Types of harassing behaviors include (but are not limited to) cornering people, following people, continuing to talk to someone when they’re trying to walk away, taking photos without permission, touching people without permission, continuing to flirt when someone has already said no, or trying to force your personal views and demands on other people against their wishes.

Sometimes, a person means “no” but is unable to fully express that message or someone else isn’t hearing the message. Let us be clear:

Only “yes” means yes.

If a person does not express clear consent for attention or personal interactions, then consent has not been given.

Witnessing Harassment

If you see harassment, contact a member of the Ozark Book Authority event staff as soon as possible. If circumstances warrant, intervene within the scope of your ability as good judgment dictates.

If you witness someone having trouble saying “no,” or see someone not understanding an implied “no,” get involved using your best judgment. Ask if they’re okay. Help them walk away from a bad interaction if you can. Encourage them to talk to event staff. If you are unable help directly, please contact event staff to intercede in the situation.

Cosplay is Not Consent

You have the right to engage in cosplay without being harassed. You have the right to set boundaries as a cosplayer. Ozark Book Authority staff is happy to help you in an affirming way if you are having issues with unwanted types of attention for your cosplay.

If you see a person in a cosplay or costume you appreciate, express your appreciation for that cosplay without lewd or sexual comments. Ask the cosplayer if you may photograph them. Respect the cosplayer’s wishes. If a cosplayer walks away from you, do not follow them.

If you see a cosplay you dislike, walk away. Do not insult or demean other event attendees for any reason, including their costumes.

If you see a cosplay or costume that portrays hateful ideologies (eg. Nazi uniforms), do not confront the cosplayer. Speak to event staff if you have concerns about the nature of a cosplay.

Other behaviors not specified

The code of conduct describes common problems encountered at conventions and events, but it is not exhaustive of all unacceptable behavior. Ozark Book Authority reserves the right to assess any disruptive or unacceptable behavior and to determine the consequences on a case-by-case basis.

In other words, just because we didn’t specifically list something you can’t do, doesn’t mean you can.

If there is a complaint issued against you

Full consequences will depend on the nature of the complaint and are at the discretion of Ozark Book Authority leadership.

In all cases, you will have no further contact with the attendee(s) who registered the complaint(s) against you. This includes voice, written, electronic, and face-to-face contact. Inadvertent contact during the course of Ozark Book Authority events is sometimes unavoidable, and must not be used as a method of initiating unwanted attention. If you remain at the event following a complaint and you encounter the person who lodged the complaint against you, it is your responsibility to actively avoid contact with that person.


Failure to adhere to Ozark Book Authority policies will result in some or all of the following:

  1. Mediation by event staff
  2. Verbal warning
  3. Removal from event, without refund
  4. Banning from future Ozark Book Authority events
  5. Contacting of local law enforcement

Ozark Book Authority is prepared to deal with any violations of our policies as rapidly and efficiently as possible within the scope of the law. We hope that all attendees will help to make our events an enjoyable experience for all by respecting the rights of all attendees while in attendance.

Attendance at Ozark Book Authority events is a privilege, not a right. Ozark Book Authority reserves the right to eject any individual at any time from Ozark Book Authority events, for any reason. No refunds will be provided.

If you have questions about any of Ozark Book Authority policies, please contact us.

Badges and Tickets

To be granted access to event areas, your event badge, if applicable, must be worn in a visible location at all times. Please comply immediately if asked to show/produce/wear your badge or ticket. Parties associated with events are required to check for badges and tickets as well as ID.

Your badge is your responsibility. Ozark Book Authority will not replace lost badges.

Venues, Security, and Accessibility

Treat venue staff and other venue guests with courtesy and respect, and do not vandalize or tamper with venue property under any circumstance.

Ozark Book Authority will do everything in our power to provide a safe and secure event for our guests and attendees, but as with any public space, please practice basic safety and security measures: secure your belongings, keep an eye on your children, be aware of strangers, and don’t leave anything in your car that would tempt thieves.

We will do our best to ensure that our venues provide appropriate accessibility according to ADA regulations. If you have specific accessibility needs for attending one of our events, please contact us to ensure that your needs are met.


Replica weapons may be worn as part of a costume at events but must be approved and tagged by an Ozark Book Authority staff member. For safety and liability reasons, no real weapons of any kind are allowed at Ozark Book Authority events. This includes but is not limited to realistic-looking firearms, Airsoft guns, and sharp metal implements (also referred to as “live steel”). If your prop or replica could be mistaken for a real weapon by a police officer, it will not be allowed at Ozark Book Authority events. A realistic or real weapon can not be “peace bonded” and allowed at events. (For example, a sharp sword can not be tied into its scabbard and carried around the convention.)

Replica firearms must have the orange muzzle cap and/or be visibly disabled/unable to fire.

Weapons purchased during the convention which are not in compliance with these restrictions must be taken directly to your personal space (room, vehicle, etc.) upon purchase.

If you do not comply with the weapons policy, you will be refused entry to our event, regardless of “concealed carry” or “open carry” permits and licenses.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illicit Drugs

The legal drinking age in Arkansas is 21. Minors caught with alcohol or adults caught serving alcohol to minors will forfeit their ticket or badge to the event and will be evicted from the facilities. Please drink responsibly and act accordingly.

If you are 21+ years of age and are drinking alcohol at an event, you must have a legal form of photo identification on your person. You can be asked to show your identification at any time if you are drinking at an Ozark Book Authority event.

If you are at least 21 years of age, and you choose to drink alcohol, drink responsibly. Excessive intoxication is a violation of the Ozark Book Authority behavior policy. If you are unable to stand on your own, you cannot be in event spaces.

Ozark Book Authority does not condone the consumption or use of illegal substances. If illegal substances are suspected or reported, law enforcement will be contacted.

All event areas are non-smoking by city ordinance. Areas immediately surrounding exit doors are not smoking areas. Please stand far enough away from the exit doors so that smoke does not enter the building.

All attendees of Ozark Book Authority events are expected to abide by state and federal laws. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the event without refund.


Pets are not allowed at Ozark Book Authority events. Service animals as defined by the ADA are allowed for persons with disabilities.

As per ADA regulations, any animal which acts in an unacceptable manner (biting, excessive barking, climbing on tables, obviously pulling on leashes, running loose, urinating/defecating indoors, interfering with the duties of other service animals, etc.) can be told to leave, even if the handler states that the animal is a service animal.

Cell Phones

To ensure that events are not disrupted, please turn off or silence your electronic devices. If you wish to record an event, please ask the panelists or presenters.


If any person writes a check to Ozark Book Authority with insufficient funds, that person will thenceforth be on a cash (or credit card) basis only. There will also be a $20 charge in addition to the amount of the check.