About Us

Our Board of Directors

  • Brooke Johnson
  • Scott Kammerzell
  • Stephanie Dow


The Ozark Book Authority was launched in 2019 by Brooke Johnson and Scott Kammerzell thanks to the sponsorship of the Rogers Public Library Foundation. Brooke and Scott both served on the Rogers Public Library Foundation's Board of Directors for several years (and still do!) but they wanted to do even more in the community by bringing people together for a large book-celebrating event. What started as the idea for Ozark Book Con soon grew into a full-blown mission to build-up our local book community and support literacy programs throughout Northwest Arkansas, and so the Ozark Book Authority was born!


  • Create a central resource for the people of Northwest Arkansas to find local book clubs, writing groups, and author events.
  • Partner with local libraries, businesses, and organizations to produce literary events throughout the region.
  • Organize Ozark Book Con each fall, a blockbuster event to celebrate a love of all things books in our community.
  • Support literacy programs across the Northwest Arkansas region.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to promote literacy and a love of reading across Northwest Arkansas through fundraising, outreach, and regular literary programming.

We started this platform as a literary resource for the residents of Northwest Arkansas to find literary events, book clubs, and writing groups already happening in our community. And by working with local libraries and literary-minded organizations, we plan to produce our own literary programming for the community year-round, culminating in Ozark Book Con in the fall.

We believe books change lives, and we are dedicated to bringing people together through the written word.

Proceeds from our events and fundraising efforts will go toward producing more literary programming, and toward local libraries and organizations who produce and promote literacy programs and initiatives in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Together, we can combat illiteracy and uplift our community through the power of books!

To contact our administrators, please visit our Contact Page.