About Us

Our Mission:

To support the literary community in Northwest Arkansas through fundraising, outreach, and literary events.

In order to achieve this mission, we created our website to be a central resource for authors, book clubs, and writing groups local to the Northwest Arkansas metropolitan area to make it easier for readers and writers to come together in our region. We partner with local libraries, businesses, and organizations to produce regular literary events, including our biggest event of the year, Ozark Book Con. And we make an effort to support other literary and literacy supporting programs across Northwest Arkansas, through volunteering, donations, and social outreach.


Ozark Book Authority was launched in February 2019 by Brooke Johnson and Scott Kammerzell thanks to the sponsorship of the Rogers Public Library Foundation. Brooke and Scott both served on the Rogers Public Library Foundation's Board of Directors for several years (and still do!) but wanted to do even more in the community by bringing people together for a large book-celebrating event. What started as the idea for Ozark Book Con soon grew into a full-blown mission to support our literary community throughout Northwest Arkansas, and so Ozark Book Authority was born!

Board of Directors

Brooke Johnson

Scott Kammerzell

Stephanie Dow